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Sarasota Pet Crematory, owned and operated by caring pet owners, provides ethical cremation services in a clean facility. We assure all beloved animals are treated in the gentle, respectful and dignified manner they deserve. We are Certified Cremator Operators and members of the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories (IAOPCC), adhering to their strict code of ethics.
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“Thank GOD for the most Wonderfull two people in this crazy world !!!!! You both understood when I lost my Mr. Bones too early. You both took time out of your busy time to talk to me and assured me that every thing will be all took the time to walk me thru the proccess and would not let me leave until I could drive. Most business would not care, just take your money and on to the next person, You understood !!!!! ~V. Unicorn
“Thank You for your understanding and for taking such wonderful care of Bixbee. Her urn is so nice and more than I expected. I will recommend your crematory to one and all.“ ~J. Stubbs
"Thank you so much for your help and compassion after the passing of Max. As a family, we really appreciate your prompt effort and support. You two did a beautiful job too.” ~Noelle
My deepest thanks to Scott and Sarasota Pet Crematory for your quick and empathetic response to my call this afternoon. I could not have asked for more compassionate treatment. Sneaky Cat was a part of my family for 20 years and much loved...she now rests in peace at home under the shade of an old oak tree. Thank you for introducing me to Dr. Vargas and coordinating all aspects of his home visit and Sneaky’s burial. You made a very difficult decision less painful for me.“ ~Carla A.

Private Cremations

Private Cremations | SarasotaPetCrematory.comA private cremation is when your pet is cremated alone. There are no other pets placed inside the cremation equipment. The remains belong only to your pet and you will receive all of the remains.

Communal Cremations

Communal Cremations | SarasotaPetCrematory.comCommunal cremation is when your pet is cremated with other animals. Remains are not separated, and are scattered respectfully in a scenic area by the crematory, rather than returned to the pet owner.

Never Forgotten Urns

Pet Urns | SarasotaPetCrematory.comTreasure and preserve the unconditional and pure love & acceptance of your special friend. Fondly recall those special memories & times spent with your beloved pet, through one of our personalized & thoughtful pet urns.


If you have reached the time that you know euthanasia is needed for your beloved pet, Sarasota Pet Crematory can assist the pet owner with recommendations for one of our preferred, compassionate mobile veterinarians for in-home euthanasia, including transportation, cremation and return of your pet’s ashes. Many times this type of service is what people prefer because it places less stress upon the pet and the owner. This service is available with a minimal amount of pre-planning time, based upon the veterinarian’s schedule.
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